Webpage Outline for
World Light Members

Please read the outline very carefully.

Below are some pointers to help you supply me with information. I will do the final writing of the page so don't be concerned with making it perfect with spelling and grammar etc. I can fix it up.

Please try to answer most of these questions (if you can). Your submission should be between 500 - 1,000 words.

Submissions less than 250 words will be rejected.

Important: PLEASE DO NOT copy and paste content exactly from any website on the internet, book, or magazine. You can research and use material from these resources but.. use your own words when writing your submission.

Possible Things to Mention in Your Submission

* Name of non profit that you designated to receive 10% of your commissions.

* Location of non profit

* Category and subcategory of non profit


Physical Health: Cancer
Child Care: Orphanage
Environment: Wetland Conservation

* General nature of your non profit's activities

* Services provided

* Special requests and donation needs of your non profit.

* Upcoming events or future projects/goals

* Contact person

* Contact email and phone #

* Non profit website

* Any other pertinent information

* Why you chose to support this particular non profit.

Non Profit Pictures

Note: Attach 1 or 2 pics of your non profit if you can.

Important: (submitted pictures must not be trademarks or copyrighted and will become the property of helpfornonprofits.com once submitted)

Never download a picture from someone else's website!

They should be original pictures you have taken yourself or pictures you have been given permission to use on our website.

Submit a picture of yourself and/or your family.

Also... write a little bio about yourself. People will gravitate toward and sign up under people that they can relate to and trust. So, make it personal. Give a little of your background, hobbies, interests etc.

I will need your World Light username, your phone number, and your email address to put in the autoresponder messages.

Email Submission to: helpfornonprofit@gmail.com

In the Subject line put: Member Webpage Outline

Contact us if you need help with your submission or for payment instructions.

Thank you,

Linda Pepin

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