Tope Africa

by Tom Liber

Our Mission is to disseminate timely and useful information, to perform charitable services, and to conduct research to enhance productivity and quality of life for the poor communities in Kenya.

Education is the key in reducing poverty in the society. Literacy levels in Kenya are still very low, despite the introduction of free primary and secondary education.

Access to quality and relevant education, retention and transition remain a big challenge owing to poverty, nomadic lifestyles, insecurity owing to conflicts and poor infrastructure. Poor access to learning materials and limited number of teachers also contributes to another challenge in providing good quality education.

We are dedicated to improving the tomorrows of East African communities through education of today’s children.

Since our inception we have worked in Kenya with local community schools and stakeholders to improve educational facilities and the lives of students. We continue to work diligently towards the goals we first set out for ourselves and appreciate our many supporters and donors.

We do not only uphold the empowerment of people, but also the protection of the environment, as well as respect for cultural differences.

TOPE AFRICA engages and empowers poor communities and vulnerable groups to discover and overcome the major challenges facing society and nature while protecting their rights and dignity for sustainable development.

Our goal is also to harness the great potential and efforts of local communities, to take the lead in planning, implementing and evaluating the effective and sustainable development programs.

Tom Liber