The NEW way to celebrate your birthday!

by Maria
(El Paso, TX)

I don’t believe that there is any better way to celebrate your birthday than to give back to others!

I have to say that there is no better feeling in the world! I have all of the horrible birthday coffee mugs that I need for a lifetime.

Check out

I signed up to create my own fundraising page, and sent this to all of my friends and family.

They were able to celebrate my birthday with me by donating in my honor for my birthday.

BirthdayDrink then uses this money to build water wells for people who don't have access to clean water.

I was only able to collect about $150 by the time my birthday came around but people kept giving after my birthday! – ha all of my procrastinator friends!

I’m sure like any organization, every dollar helps, so I have no doubt that every penny went to good use. I have always wanted to help give back to others and join an organization, but guess I did not know how or where to do this.

A friend told me about BirthdayDrink and I immediately signed up. I feel such a personal connection with this organization, because I can see my own progress and directly see how I have helped.

I will continue to celebrate my birthday every year on, and I might even celebrate my birthday all year long! I have even made up my own business cards that have my BirthdayDrink personal link and pass them out to people I meet.

What a wonderful ice breaker – a great way to meet people and a wonderful way to raise money!


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