Pastor Samuel

by Samuel
(Chittoor Dist,ap State,India)

Preaching Word of God

Preaching Word of God

Indian Gospel Outreach Mission

My name is Pastor Samuel from India. I have been doing the independent church ministries for the past 12 years in India.

I have 40 branch churches established in different places in India. Not only India... I established 3 churches in Sri Lanka Country also.

By God's grace, praise God, I would like your fellowship. I have seen your website and I like it and I will join your organization. We presently have 10 missionaries doing work in various villages in India.

I welcome you to India to visit our ministries area. I will arrange a gospel meeting this year. Please pray and reply to me. Please visit our ministry web site at


1. 1000 churches plant for our nation only.
2. 1000 missionaries send to throughout India.
3. Start an Orphanage
4. Start an out reach clinic (for free treatment)
5. Start a Bible college
6. Start a pastor's fellowship(for every month)
7. Help the poor, handicapped, widows, and those with leprosy
8. Every month free eye camp
9. Construct 1000 church buildings in India.

Thank you in Christ,
Pastor Samuel from India

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