Ovarian Cancer Patient Charity Project

by Ashley Ratcliff
(Blacksburg Va)

Financial Support for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Hello, we are a non profit who donates to gynecological and breast cancer patients in need of financial assistance. We help patients receive treatment they may not of been able to get before due to finances or being non insured.

We make it very simple to receive assistance from our charity. The financial assistance can also be used for medications, household bills, co payments, doctor bills, alternative treatment, and whatever else the patient may need. To receive assistance from our charity, the patient must have cancer at the time of applying. Then they must provide a requested amount.

Location Doesn't Matter

Once we pre approve the patient, we will mail out a simple application, which requires a signature, as well as speaking to them on the phone. That's it. Location doesn't matter! We mail out the checks around the 15th of each month. Each patient will receive 1 check per 30 days. We will assist the patient only for 30 days, unless they reapply for assistance.

If you are a cancer patient in need of financial support, you can apply on our website as well.

Donations for our Cause

We rely sole on donors and sponsors for events and fundraiser's so that we don't take away from the patients in need.

We will be a tax exempt organization within the next few weeks, so donations will be tax deductible. If you, or someone you know would like to support our cause, you can get more information on donating/sponsoring on our website.

Thanks to everyone for your support and contributions, we couldn't do this without you!

Contact Information

Ashley Ratcliff
Ovarian Cancer Patient Charity Project
President/Fundraising Director

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