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I know the online fundraiser methods/products you choose reflect on your organization, and that the program you select must be simple enough to make your efforts productive. That's why I feel confident in introducing you to our simple yet highly effective non-profit fundraiser.

Essante Worldwide

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Our Essante Worldwide online fundraiser provides an exciting product and program that will make your supporters happy while making your Non Profit fundraising easier! Essante Worldwide’s "certified" organic personal care and nutritionals have earned our company a reputation as a leader in the "organic industry".

The Green Movement is quickly picking up momentum making our 100% organic products very much in demand by today's educated consumer. Increasing numbers of people are understanding the harmful effects of toxic, chemically laden products and are looking for healthier alternatives for themselves and their families.

We have many personal care and nutritional products that "vary" in retail to wholesale profit; however, let's take a look if a person ordered just one Mango Berry shampoo and one Nourishment conditioner. There's a $12 profit on that combination of products ($5.00 retail profit on the shampoo and $7.00 retail profit on the conditioner). So, if 100 people from your organization ordered just that, you would earn $1200.00 profit!

Imagine if they all went on monthly "autoship"... your NPO would earn $1,200 month after month. And if they ordered more than just the shampoo and conditioner, your fundraising dollars would sky rocket and your donors will benefit from using wholesome 100% organic products and will enjoy the blessing of knowing that they are furthering your cause. EVERYONE is happy!

Benefits to Your Supporters

PERFECT PRODUCTS - In Demand “Certified” Organic/ Wildcrafted

UNSURPASSED QUALITY - Rest assured that your supporters will be 100% satisfied! And if for any reason they are not, we offer 100% money back guarantee.

HEALTHY - Your customers are nourishing their bodies with our healthy products instead of harming them with toxic cancer and other serious disease producing chemicals.

AFFORDABLE - With our pricing, supporters can afford to participate!

GOOD WILL - Your supporters will feel good that their product purchases are helping your Non Profit and furthering your cause with your online fundraiser.

Benefits to Your Organization

POWERFUL PROFIT POTENTIAL - Every sale generated from your "specially coded" website url will be credited to your organization. Your Essante website will look like this. On the top right of the website will be your Organizations' name and ID # (phone number is optional).


Your Non Profit earns the difference between wholesale and retail on each product sold (which is very generous I might add). You can download the price sheet here.

Example: Think small and conservative for a moment... Out of 2,000 supporters, say 350 bought just the shampoo and conditioner and went on monthly autoship for these every day staples. That would mean your Non Profit online fundraiser would generate $4,000 monthly!


No products for you to buy. Simply point supporters to your Essante website. Your website visitors order online via your "personalized" Essante Website. Products are delivered to your customer's door. You are not responsible for taking orders, collecting money, shipping products, or for customer service. We do everything for you.


Many of our participating NPO receive repeat orders from happy customers on a regular basis which means "residual" fundraising dollars for their organization month after month, year after year. Remember... these are staple items that everyone uses on a “daily” basis without even thinking about it.


We offer your supporters a variety of products to choose from. Everything from: organic earth greens to a toxic free sanitizer, to organic toothpaste and chemical free weight loss products, to skin care, omega oils, protein shakes and children's "vitamin on a stick" (healthy lolly pops), and more. You can see all the products on the website here.

Plus... there's a really impressive multi media catalog (at the top of the Essante Website) that you can download for free. Just click the "E-Catalog" link. It will open up a PDF document your computer. And that's not to mention the over 200 new products "in the works" a complete baby line and pet care products.


Absolutely nothing! That's right. The Essante World Wide Company is a debt free multi-million dollar company that believes strongly in "giving back" and therefore waives the registration fee for Non Profit Organizations. Your online fundraising website is yours for free as long as you want it. You will never be charged a penny for your participation in our fundraiser.

The intention of our fundraiser is to assist your non-profit organization in additional means of funding. This is not an obligation to buy or sell products. There is no risk for you.



Just enter the pertinent information requested on this fundraising inquiry form and click "submit" or call (905) 357-0479 to register over the phone. Once your application has been processed you can begin your new online fundraiser immediately.



Simply place the Essante fundraising website link (that we will provide for you) in your NPO brochures, newsletters, on your Non Profit website, Facebook Fan page, and Twitter profile, etc.

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to write an announcement that you can put in your promotional material and on your Non Profit Website. I would also be happy to create a flyer that you can email, snail mail or hand out at special events that will introduce your new online fundraiser to your supporters.

Contact Information

Thank you!

I appreciate your time. I know that by teaming with Essante Worldwide your organization can make the most of your online fundraiser efforts. An incredible WIN - WIN for both your Non Profit Organization and your supporters.

Linda Pepin
Niagara Falls, Canada (905) 357-0479
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