Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

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We Offer one of the MOST Profitable Non Profit Fundraising Ideas that You will Find Anywhere...

Charitable organizations are suffering from donation shortages this year.

We have a solution.

Our company has been blessed abundantly and wants to give back and so is providing a unique fundraising idea for non profit organizations to help raise funds for worthy causes...


By providing a free professionally designed website for Non Profit Organizations to showcase our exceptional product line to its members and supporters.

You'll earn generous commissions from any sales made through the website. We do all the work for you from handling the money, to packaging and shipping. You have nothing to do but invite people to visit your site.

It's that simple!

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to participate.

Our Non Profit Fundraiser Works for Any Type of Organization...

Our fundraising opportunity can help churches, mission boards, schools, and other non profit organizations such as:

Partial List of Non Profits We Could Help
  • Cancer Societies
  • Heart Research Foundations
  • Lung Associations
  • Diabetes Associations
  • Children's Research
  • Deaf/Blind Associations
  • Alzheimer Societies
  • Parkinson's Association
  • Multiple Sclerosis Societies
  • Epilepsy Foundations
  • Schizophrenia Research Foundations
  • International Red Cross
  • Magen David Adom (ISRAEL)
  • Aids Research
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • United Way/Centraide
  • Unicef
  • Feed The Children
  • Salvation Army
  • MAOZ (Organization helping the poor)
  • AISH (Organization which provides food for malnourished children)
  • Your Local Hospital

Ready to Raise Funds for Your Non Profit?

Find out how YOUR non-profit can benefit from this one of a kind fundraising opportunity with absolutely NO cost to your organization.

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Smile... This is NOT your typical cookie dough or lottery ticket fundraiser!

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