More Care International

by Causemore
(Pretoria, South Africa )

Our Vision: To provide global social care and support to vulnerable and marginalized people.


To provide social, spiritual and economic support to vulnerable and marginalized groups within the community such as those infected and affected by HIV – AIDS, Refugees, Orphans, Women and the Girl child.

To establish effective social structures for the undertaking of income generating projects for the vulnerable and marginalized in the community. These include Youth Development Forum, Agricultural projects, Skills Training, Outreach Programme.

Our social development focus will be on social and emotional empowerment through social study groups, holding of Church services to cement spiritual growth


The organization currently has 4 running programs as follows:

Women and Girl Child Empowerment – focuses on addressing issues of skill development, Substance abuse, General abuse- physical, social, economic and emotional abuse of women and the girl child.

Refugees- The critical and most urgent need is skills development to ensure the economic empowerment of refugees hence promoting self sufficiency. Provision of social support needs i.e shelter, food ,clothing and health.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Provision of fundamental basic needs-shelter, food, clothing, health. Access to education

HIV-AIDS-Awareness campaigns, Voluntary Counselling and Testing, Home based Care.

Organizational Requirements

1. We seek a fundraiser to raise funds for the above programs.
2. Donations in cash and kind to sustain programs.
3. Partnerships with individuals and organizations sharing the same vision and aspirations.

N/B- All donations in cash and kind are channeled through FJC the Fiscal Sponsor of More Care International.

Contact Person

Project Coordinator
email address:
Phone: +27 79 554 3009


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