Leukemia Treatment

by Connie Oliver
(Bruceville, TX)

Leukemia Treatment

Your Oncologist may prescribe numerous combinations of chemotherapy and biological drug combinations. Your particular treatment would depend on the type and stage of the leukemia and your age.

When improved results are seen, the combination of drugs can change rapidly. Your oncologist will monitor you closely for any changes necessary.

Many patients seek a second opinion when there is uncertainty or doubt. It is helpful to take someone to the appointment with you who can take notes and perhaps ask questions that you are too nervous to ask. There will be many discussions with your specialist regarding treatment.

The most common type of leukemia is acute lymphoblastic. The survival rates for this type of cancer are now at 80%. These survivors are considered cured after 10 years with no evidence of the disease, although there has been some evidence of secondary cancers occurring after 15 years. That percentage climbs after 30 years. This is about a 13.5% increase over the general public.

Please work with your oncologist and with the help of research centers like St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital who will help you to beat this disease.


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