Knit4Charities Inc

by Pamela Tatt
(Broken Hill, NSW, Australia)

Beanies Ready for Packing

Beanies Ready for Packing

Knit4Charities is a National, Australian, Internet Based, Group of Knitters, Crocheters and Sewers.

Our motto is: "No-one is too small to make a difference!" Our mission is to make a difference to others in needy circumstances. Our donations are made "free of charge" to whoever needs them.

How Knit4Charities Started

Knit4Charities was started by Pamela Tatt as a yahoo group in August of 2004. In December 2009 we were accepted as an Incorporated Association... a Not-for-Profit Charity.

In September 2005, with just 14 members, we started our Charity of the Month projects. A total of 97 items were donated to Wee Care in NSW. This was a wonderful start to the formal part of our group.

Now, in April 2010, membership is upward of 800 and the total items we've donated is well over 50,000!

Our Knit4Charities Members

Our members are based in all States and Territories around Australia and also some countries overseas.

Each year, members are invited to research needy charities in their area and nominate them for our Charity of the Month Calendar.

For the past couple of years, we have had over 30 charities to support as a group. Members are also free to make Private Donations to other charities of their choice whenever they wish.

With the growing problem of homelessness in Australia, the demand for our donations is getting higher and higher. We now have charities contacting us asking for help.

Our wonderful, generous members always seem to be able to make another item or two to help. No request ever goes unanswered even if we only manage a small donation.

Members totally self-fund everything they make as well as covering the cost of postage when items need to be sent on.

The Gift of Giving

Pamela wrote a book called "The Gift of Giving" that is sold to raise money to help pay members postage costs.

Knit4Charities would desperately like to have sponsorship for this as many of our members are on low incomes and are finding it hard to cover all the costs themselves.

Items We Donate

Warm clothing for everyone from tiny premmie babies to our elderly citizens is the bulk of our donations.

The range of items is huge. For example: jumpers, cardigans, ponchos, baby leggins, booties, socks, mittens, gloves, fingerless gloves, beanies, scarves, neck warmers, knee warmers, wrist warmers, bedsocks, bed capes.

Cuddly toys of all descriptions and sizes are also very popular. As are... blankets, lapghans and knee rugs.

Australia's needy animals are also looked after with donations of dog coats, rugs, and toys given to Animal Shelters and Rescue groups. We also create pouches and nests for Wildlife Rescue.

How to Contact Knit4Charities

For more information about becoming involved as a knitter or to donate funds to help the Knit4charities non profit organization, contact Pamela Tatt at