Juvenile Diabetes

by Stoyan
(New York, NY, USA)

Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance Blog

Hi - I am the associate editor of the JDCA, a type 1 diabetic myself. I am here to let people know about our non-profit organization, which is focused on directing efforts towards a cure for type 1.

What makes the JDCA unique is that we are an entirely independent, non-profit organization working on researching the major charity foundations and reporting about how and where they are allocating the vast amounts of donations they receive.

We believe that the donors want to know more details about their operations, and that is where we come in. We are not a medical research institute and are scientifically agnostic - our main goal is to objectively analyze how well the research foundations are keeping their promises and working towards a cure.

The blog I maintain reports on the major principles behind the JDCA, the reports and surveys we publish, and our plan of action as our support community keeps growing.

Please visit our Blog here.


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