It Takes All Of Us Inc.

by Ian Dalbert
(Waynesboro, Ga. USA)

When you smile you reap what you give... a smile. So give one today.

When you smile you reap what you give... a smile. So give one today.

When you smile you reap what you give... a smile. So give one today.

We at It Takes All Of Us Inc.

We will embark on this mission implementing programs that target the needs of individual families and their members.

By assessing each family and it's members we will provide programs and instruction, development, guidance, structure, and goals that meet the needs of each individual family member.

We at It Takes All Of Us Inc. believe everyone has a dream no matter where they come from.

It's our job as a people to give that chance to those who believe their dreams seem more far reaching than others.

It Takes All Of Us To Combat POVERTY.

Through programs in education, vocation, entrepreneurship, life coaching, parenting, mentoring, abstinence, shadowing, and drop-out prevention, we can start to make a change in the lives of many people.

We are a new non-profit organization founded in February 2009 to establish a positive well-rounded community organization that serves to uplift individuals, family, and community self-awareness and strengthen life foundations that resonates YES I CAN in overall improvements.

Our name, IT TAKES ALL OF US INC., strives to be inclusive of both family oriented community support as well as business and government community support.

We want all religions, all levels of government, all levels of businesses, and all levels of people in area communities to come to our table and join us in bringing up those who trail behind, those who have no hope, or who have lost all hope to achieve more than what they have.

Our programs include but are not limited to educational pursuits, job training, self-awareness, conflict resolution, life coaching, anger management, teaching financial skills, parenting skills, home improvement skills, community support skills, personal relationship and responsibility skills, and to provide immediate family needs such as daily nutrition, safe housing, weight management, strength training, and decent clean clothing.

We want our receivers of services to feel welcome, feel a greater strength for participation, to increase their self worth and esteem, to learn to respect themselves so that others can respect them in return, we want our users to learn to walk tall in the knowledge that YES THEY CAN become solid, functional, and contributing citizens to their homes, their communities, their schools, their environment, their families, and most importantly to themselves.

We want them to become "US". To know that this nation is also their nation and cares who we all are and how we all live.

Through our educational, vocational, sports, the arts, and many other programs for life and personal development we want to erase the Generational Cycle of Poverty and create healthy, functional, and contributing communities but it will Take All Of Us to make this dream a reality.

Ian Dalbert