Holy God Ministries

by Pastor Johnson

Puppet Show Ministry

Puppet Show Ministry

Holy God Ministry Vision

The Holy God Ministries in India seeks to entrust (the children and youth ministry) to reliable men and women qualified to teach and train others to do the same in response to the pressure of concern for all the churches to build a strong church future and meet the needs of the community.

About the Holy God Ministries

Outreach Programs

1. Church Planting

2. Gospel and Healing Crusades

3. Pastor Seminaries and Conferences

4. Evening Bible School for Job Holders, Youth, and Children

5. Sunday School and V.B.S.Programs

6. Puppet Shows

7. Monthly Support for Pastors and Families

8. Support for flood Victims

Holy God Mission

To mold born again men and women to serve and minister to children training them to become efficient and reliable Holy God messengers and teachers to children; To entrust Sunday school ministry to them and to create and maintain fellowship among them in order to keep them faith full so that they may grow in Christian faith living and encouraging one another

Also... to cultivate faithful teachers from among the churches and see to it that the Sunday school ministry in the church goes smoothly as well as motivate the pastors and elders into recognizing the importance of Christian Education ministry in the church thereby laying a firm foundation for the future.

Spiritual Food

Our desire is to feed the children who are fainting due to lack of spiritual food and see that they recognize their Creator and Savior in their childhood.

We desire to pray unceasingly for them that they grow in Christian discipline both spiritually and physically and that their lives may bring glory to God.

How to Contact Holy God Ministries

For more information about Holy God Ministries, contact:

Pastor Johnson
President & Director
The Holy God Ministries (India)
cell-+91 99490-46885

Email: pastor_chowdary@yahoo.co.in


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Comments for Holy God Ministries

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Pastor of the Church.
by: pastor.Benson Boiro

Dear my brothers and sisters in Christ.
Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is wonderful to meet your e-mail and the wonderful works you are doing in the ministry for Kingdom of God. I thank God for you all the time and pray for you. While praying to God our Father. We always remember your work of faith and your act of Love and hope that never give up in our Lord Jesus Christ.My brethren may God bless you for the work which you are doing.

Pray God may join us together and do his work I am married and I am blessed with five children. Have done the work of God for six years I would like to know your ministry well and your doctrines if God willing.

God bless you and your ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Brother Ben Boiro Mosoti

+254 714244998

Thanks for Donna and Linda's work with World Wide Ministry
by: Pastor.johnson

Thank you for you kind love in Christ
Donna and Linda Pepin.

Here our pastors and children are praying for you, your family, and your God Given Ministry.

We really appreciate your JOB in the Lord God all mighty in world wide Ministries.

Glory to the Lord God in Christ,

Pastor Johnson
please visit us at: www.johnsonministriesindia.org

Help for Non Profits
by: Donna Hoffman

I spoke with Pastor and He stated that they are building churches. He told me they had built 8 churches. This was a few months ago. They also assist to help get the children out of child labor in India. People like Pastor Johnson are good God fearing Christians and need support by many as other ministries in our world.

I feel in my heart with World Light we will be able to Help Holy God Ministries in abundance in the future and many other non profit organizations, because the Lord will provide with faith and prayer.

Donna Hoffman

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