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Grants for Non Profits from Government, Private Corporations, Trusts, or Foundations...

There are a few things you must realize before considering applying for any of the grants (for non profits) that are available. Government, private corporations, trusts, and foundations have rigid stipulations.

First, your NPO should already be registered and in operation. It should already have a board of directors, a non profit business plan/mission, and an income source.

You can't just have a great idea for starting a non profit
and expect to find an agency to financially support it!

Don't rely on grants for Non Profit start up. Most grant providers require that the NPO already have 501 (c) 3 status (U.S.) and (in Canada), you would normally be required to have registered for charitable status.

It's not as easy as it used to be to secure a grant. Money available from various funding sources is limited and grant seeking is an extremely competitive arena.

Even established non profits (who have been in operation for decades) have only a 10% (or less) chance of being accepted as a grant recipient.

Second, it takes a lot of manpower and energy to do the necessary grant "availability" research. The grant application process is very time consuming as well. (You need to be pretty confident you'll receive a grant to justify the resources required to pursue it).

Alternative Funding Resources

Third, it has been inferred that grants represent "the most effort for the least predictable return."

Your time might be better spent looking for alternative ways to fund your new project until your Non Profit Organization is a better "positioned" candidate for a Non Profit grant.

NonProfit Fundraising

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