Emergency Food Supply

Most People are in Denial about the Future and Don't Have an Emergency Food Supply on Hand!

Please... Don't let that be you. You need to protect your family now. Food shortage is not just a Third World issue. America will face it soon. There are tough times coming...

You must be prepared!

Chili with Dumplings
Au Gratin Potatoes
Minestrone Soup

Rice Casserole
Rice Casserole
Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Bread
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Stroganoff

Consider eFoods Global

In every area of our lives, people are either planting the seeds for the future or begging for what they haven’t made time for.

The eFoods Global company has made it their mission to help families all over the country plant food products, serve, and save, so they will never have to worry about begging, especially during times of hardship such as:


Poor economic times



Government price setting

For almost thirty years, the eFoods Global company has been improving emergency food supplies that families can confidently store and depend on for years to come. The eFoods Global food products are tested and proven to store for up to 25 years under the right conditions.

We believe eFoods Global has the finest food on the planet for good and tough times. Each delicious meal delivers solid nutrition when you need it. Thousands of families across America continue to consume these convenient and tasty meals on a regular basis.

The eFoods Global™ emergency meals are nutritious, delicious, and affordable. They are conveniently packaged for daily use and are easily stored as "reserves" for use during times of need for less than $1.00 a meal.

eFood Meals
  • are easy to prepare

  • have an amazing gourmet taste

  • are safe from dangerous ingredients

  • offer large portions

  • offer a variety of different meals

  • are the most versatile food you can buy

  • are created to sustain and save your life

  • are affordable

You Can Buy Your Food or Earn It!

With eFoods Global you can earn your food by sharing this message and opportunity with others...

We have all heard the phrase, "If you give a man a fish he will feed himself for a day, but if you teach him to fish he feeds himself for a lifetime".

We believe that phrase with one simple addition: "If you teach that man to teach others how to fish, he can feed GENERATIONS".

With the eFoods Global opportunity, you will be able to start planting the seeds of success in your own family and those you care about. Then, watch those seeds grow into an orchard of security that will feed your family physically and financially for generations.

Together, we can help millions become "Food & Financially" independent.

Emergency Food Supply Contact Information

For more information, visit our our eFood Global website at wbuilder.myefoods.com

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