Diabetes Can Attack Anyone

by Donna Bowers Hoffman
(Browns Valley, U.S.A.)

Know the Subtle Signs of Diabetes.

Type one diabetes can attack a very young child. They sometimes lose weight with no apparent reason.

My niece got it at age 15. She kept losing weight and didn't know why. Many tests later, she found out that she was a type 1 diabetic.

I also knew a co-worker, (a nurse), that was a diabetic since she was 3 and her blood sugar would go real low and she couldn't think straight.

When this would happen, it was potentially life threatening. If your blood sugar gets too low, you could go into a diabetic coma and then death if you don't get your sugar up.

Then, there is Type 2 diabetes which is usually with older people. They acquire diabetes late in life. Life-style can sometimes be a huge factor. Many are over weight, have poor eating habits, or don't manage their Diabetes properly once they get it.

A lot of time, lack of education is the culprit. People just don't really understand the serious affects of diabetes and therefore don't care for their bodies well enough to prevent it.


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