Children Integrated Development Services

by Collins.F.Rich
(Freetown, Sierra Leone)

The Children Integrated Development Services (CIDS) organization which was formerly known as CHILDREN IN CHRIST’S SERVICES (CICS) was established as a result of some young volunteers who lamented the sordid plight of child to family poverty, health, underprivileged and orphan children, high level of illiteracy, infant and maternal mortality, violent acts against women and children.

The war our country is currently fighting after the rebel civil is on poverty, child poverty, high level of illiteracy, hunger, poor health and sanitation.

The eleven years of rebel brutal war tragedy exacerbated an already critical humanitarian situation, whose negative effects still persist even many years after the war has come to an end. As a result of all these we decided to form this humanitarian organization to help deal with these issues.

Founded in 2006 as a community based organization so as to help address the social, health, economic and developmental needs of communities. It is registered in Freetown with the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs in 2008 with registration # 110, and also registered with the Freetown City Council in 2009 with registration # FCC 297/2009.

The name of this organization was officially renamed as CHILDREN INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (CIDS) in November 2009

INTRODUCTION:CIDS is a state registered non-governmental , non-profit and non- religious humanitarian organization with legal status to undertake developmental actions geared towards the development and well being of single parents children, teenage mothers, single mothers , needy children and their communities through education and others means of development thereby reducing the increasing rate of street children, children living in slums and to also to reduce child poverty and violence against single mothers and women in general.

CHILDREN INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT SERVICES has a well defined vision and mission stated below:

VISION: CIDS’ vision the world to be a place where human being standards of living could be improved to acceptable social and economic values.

MISSION: CIDS’ mission is to assist the single parent’s children, children living in the street and slums as a result of single parenthood associated problems through education, single mothers, women and communities in their effort to attain sustainable development and as a result improve their living standards. And to address community needs such as health, education, water and sanitation.

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