Campus Ministry of CCCI Cameroon

by Waindim Philip

Victory Stories in the Field

Below are two testimonies of what God is doing in our cities and villages through the campus ministry.

City Douala: DJam Tata was about 20 years old but was a terror to his neighborhood. He abandonedSschool many years ago and became a renowned armed robber in the area. Smoking herbs, his own family was so afraid of him. When the film, "Facing the Giants" started, he stood very far watching the film, but when the alter call was made He prayed to receive Jesus in his heart.

He came to us saying, "This boy in the film has been able to ask forgiveness from his father. My mother is lying paralyzed in the house because of the multiple shocks my misfortunes have caused her. I don't know where to start asking her to forgive me?

He was helped to understand that he had been forgiven by God and he could trust God to obtain forgiveness from his mother if he would go and ask for it. The following day members of his family came to us
inquiring about what had happened the previous night.

They said Tata had come to the house crying and asking his mother for forgiveness. Everybody was so surprised that they all started crying. The mother miraculously jumped from her bed healed from the paralysis. We also shared Christ with his elder brother, the mother and an aunt of his, who all happily received Jesus.

Attending a prayer meeting where her son was giving the testimony of God's transformation in his life, Tata's mother explained, "I have shed tears for 7 years for my son to be a good one, now I know God never forget prayers. This is the first time for many months for me to be part of a gathering. The aunt who could not believe the report so she decided to come to this meeting with me to hear Tata himself testify, may God bless you all may God bless operation Jericho."


In April 2009, students of Longla and Government Technical High School Bamenda were in a mission trip in Widikum village working in partnership with a small congregation of Baptists and the Full Gospel church there. The reason for the mission was to help meet the physical needs of some Orphans and old Widows. Also to train youths and preach Christ to the villagers through one on one evangelism and the Jesus Film projections.

During this time, 999 people heard the message and 221 received Christ. Mr John was in a typical cult in His village when he received Christ. The first prayer cell began in his home and it was amazing. This was a challenge to some of his neighbors which increased their faith in Christ. The move of God stretched out the faith of the students. When other Christian student of a Government Bilingual High school Down Town heard about the way God has been using their friends in other schools, their passion for mission on their campus increased. This helped us to launch our ministry on that campus immediately. Today Dieudonner is the student leader on that campus with over 16 students who are meeting and praying for their campus and spreading the Word of God.

Pastor Ngoh Joel of Hope Baptist Church Bamenda, who is mission minded, heard about this also and that 85% of the people are still living in darkness and have no access to the Word of God, he felt a great need to raise volunteer missionaries from his church and send them there.

Today, four volunteer missionaries, whom we trained in that church (Stanley, Isaac, Eric and Ivorine), received some additional trainings, and are there in Widikum today continuing the work students began there.

Many other persons were touched... especially, Regina Mutang, when she saw the way teenagers are understanding missions and are sacrificing their time and little resources both on campus and on the villages for the work of God. Since then she felt a need to increase her investment in the ministry. Ever since, student's love for God has been scaling up day by day and the ministry is equally increasing numerically and transforming many lives on campus. This chain reaction is just telling us God is at work and we are really humbled by the hundreds of testimonies surrounding us.

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Thank you,

Waindim Philip
Director of Operation of Campus Ministry of CCCI Cameroon.

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