Campus Crusade for Christ International in Cameroon

by Waindim Philip Nkaimbzi
(Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon)

Prayers changes a Nation for ever

Prayers changes a Nation for ever

Prayers changes a Nation for ever Trainings move people to action Seeing souls change brings great joy Fellowship is strength in the mission field

The High School and University Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International Cameroon.

Background and why campus ministry is strategic and a "must now" in Cameroon!

For over many years in Cameroon, the church has not been able to carry out ministry on campus. The high schools and Universities are left without the gospel.

Three Main Reasons Account for a Crucial Need for Campus Ministry in Cameroon.

1) Over 90% of Students do not have access to the true gospel of Jesus Christ on campus. The campuses are full of sects. This is the right place to spread the gospel if the church is ever thinking of building a new future for Cameroon and to raise missionaries for world mission.

2) The recent official census in Cameroon shows that 43.6% of the population is under 15 years of age. While only 5.5% is over 60 years. Therefore if we are not strategic in our mission in igniting the acceleration of church, we will only be deceiving ourselves and the mission will remain stagnant because resources, time and energy, are not properly located to transform the land.

3) It is only on the campus the societal leaders and missionaries can be raised. We want to disciple and continue to raise volunteers and full time leaders for missions in Cameroon and the Muslim countries in Africa like; Chad, Niger, etc. Over 75% of Cameroon population is below 35 years. This fraction of people is a driving force behind the future economic prosperity, social transformation, and growth of the church in Cameroon.

Present Campus Realities:

The campus ministry has remained the foundational ministry for developing ministry and societal leaders.

a. We have many open doors in the high schools and universities to run ministry with few laborers.
b. Many available untrained Christians who are aspiring to lead the mission of Jesus Christ.
c. Few leaders to lead ministry.
d. Many new converts, slow follow-up and discipleship.
e. Students and teachers open to the Gospel.
f. Students ready for discipleship.

Facts about Campus Ministry in Cameroon...

Four to six out of every 10 students will say yes to the gospel.
4 out of every 10 Cameroonians live below poverty line where 75% are in rural areas.

1. Population of Muslim 21 percent in the south and above 60% in the Northern provinces.
2. Heads of schools encourage ministry activities.
3. Official languages use in schools English and French.
4. A dynamic staff and volunteers leading ministry on Campus.

In Order to be More Effective and Influential,

We Need:

a. Culturally relevant evangelism and discipleship materials.
b. Accelerating campus expansion methods.
c. To apply innovative methods to reach students.
d. Develop creative and attractive ways to reach students.
e. Accelerating spiritual and socio-economic development of the province from Biblical perspective through Christ-like informed and transformed leaders.
f. Continue to raise volunteers for campus ministry and ministry to Muslim areas in Cameroon, Chad and Niger.
g. Increased leadership capacity and professional excellence in our leadership skills.
h. To be more strategic and develop more effective recruiting methods.
i. To help every leader to develop a personal vision for his or her campus and for the world.
j. Take mission trips to villages to help strengthen the local churches through evangelism, discipleship, and trainings.

Plan of Action by 2020 for the Battle for Africa:

1. Providing training materials, strategies, encouragement and support.
2. Create ministry ownership in teachers, volunteers and student leaders.
3. Implement teachers and volunteers in action as one of the local ministry strategy.
4. Organize training programs on evangelism, discipleship and leadership.
5. Run Clubs, weekly bible studies and follow-up on campuses.
6. Help every leader to develop a personal vision on his or her campus and the community.
7. Develop a fund development strategy that can sustain the movement.
8. Raise volunteers and send them to crucial needed fields.
9. Accelerate a spiritual and socio-economic development within the Great Commission.

Every Campus Crusade for Christ Ministry in any local area develops its resources and finances for operation. They build partnership with individuals, churches and other, organizations around the world like Help for non Profit Organization for their work.

Ministry Achievement Over the Years:

This ministry has been operational since 1992 in Cameroon with many great achievements. It will be difficult to share with you here what God has been doing through us. However, the areas where we concentrate ministry includes:

NEEDS! The ministry has expanded over the years and the needs have increased greatly. Right away 4 volunteers will be going to the Northern Region of Cameroon, a Muslim region to intensify ministry activity there for one year. We need to reproduce more evangelistic and discipleship materials and buy other modern equipment for ministry work on campus. We equally need operational finances to coordinate activities and reporting.

We only trust the Lord who has been at work with us will inspire you to partner with us in this great work to keep the church vibrant in Cameroon.

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Thank you,

Waindim Philip
Director of Operation of Campus Ministry of CCCI Cameroon.

Contact Information

PO Box 13426 Yaoundé Cameroon

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(Staff Name with CCCI : Philip Nkaimbzi Waindim Staff Account #: 2815733)

PB 235 Bamenda - Cameroon
Tel:+237 77 56 28 70/+237 74 354388


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