Black Lung Disease

by Lavaughn Scott

Black Lung Disease... A Coal Miner's Nightmare!!

Black Lung Disease is a chronic occupational lung disease contracted by the prolonged breathing-in of coal mine dust. It usually affects workers over the age of 50.

It has been called many different names such as anthracosis, black lung, black spittle, coal worker's pneumoconiosis, miner's asthma and silicosis.

Most people with Black Lung Disease do not have any symptoms initially. When symptoms are present, the most common ones are shortness of breath, severe cough, and airway obstruction.

The disease causes the saliva to be black in color and it also causes a black pigmentation of the lung.

Two Types of of this Disease

Black Lung Disease can be classified into two forms: simple, or coal worker's pneumoconiosis, and the more complicated, known as progressive massive fibrosis.

When coal dust accumulates in the lungs, a coal macule may form. As the disease progresses, macules can develop into a coal nodule, an abnormality of the lung tissue. Nodules may grow to a large size and hinder or stop the airflow in the lungs.

How to Cope with this Disease

There is no known cure for this disease. The best way to deal with the disease is preventing further inhalation of coal dust and wearing masks while working in the coal mines or any other occupation that involves excessive exposure to carbon.

Additional Information

For further information on Black Lung Disease or any other type of lung disease, visit the American Lung Association website at:

Posted by Lavaughn Scott

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