Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

by Arvind Mohan Dass
(Krishnagiri, Tamionadu, India)

Bethel Campus

Bethel Campus

Bethel Campus Bethel Pastors Bethel Orphanage Associate Church

Bethel is an Indian Christian National NGO with objectives of serving and developing the poor, suffering, and the less privileged in remote villages of this under developed region.

Bethel is situated in Krishnagiri District of Taminadu State in South India. We are in service for the last 15 years.

Orphanage, vocational training for the development of women, elderly care, evangelism, church planting, training of pastors and support, and children and youth camps, are some of the projects going on now.

Bethel is in urgent need of $25,000 to construct a fully furnished "study hall" for the use of kids. Bethel Orphanage is need of Sponsors for the Orphans who will give $40 per child per month.

We totally depend upon the Living God and His people for our support. Extend support.



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