An Angel Dog sent to me.

by Donna

When I was nine years old, I lived in South Carolina. One day, I was at my grandparent's house in the woods. We lived about two miles from them. I had to cross over the busy highway to get to our house. My mom was at home that day.

My aunts were being mean to me and I was hurt so I left my grandparent's house crying by myself. I got over half way through the woods and I started to get scared so I started praying about getting home safe.

I said, "Jesus please help me get home safe." Then, a big red dog came up to me. It looked like a golden retriever. I petted the dog and we crossed the busy highway together onto the dirt road and got close to my house. Then, the dog stopped.

I kept saying, "Come on, come on, but when I went toward it, the dog turned away and left.

That's when I knew that the dog was sent from Heaven to calm me from my fears and protect me. I thank the Lord many times over for that day and that beautiful dog.


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