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Our aim is to provide your charity, church, mission group, or other
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Our Help for Non Profit website gives you the support you need to start, maintain, and grow your NPO so you can continue to reach out and serve others.



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Tell how your organization can help serve the needs of our local and global community.

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Encourage your employees and volunteers to write articles and share information about your charity's projects, fundraising needs, trials and triumphs.

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Table of Contents

All Things "Non Profit" Blog
Our Non Profit Blog keeps you updated on the latest not for profit news, job postings, and fundraising ideas. Get notified each time we add a new page to our charity website. Free Subscription.
What is a Non Profit Versus a For Profit?
What is a non profit and how can an organization keep operating if it doesn't make money? Well... not making money isn't exactly the meaning of a "NonProfit"...
Free Non Profit Information for Charities and those contemplating starting up.
Articles related to Non Profit Information. Everything from Credit counseling for Non Profit, Grants for Non Profits, and Non Profit Jobs, to... Non Profit Ratings, Websites, and Ideas
Starting A Non Profit Organization
Starting a Non Profit Organization is not to be taken lightly. Non Profit startup takes careful thought and planning. There are many things to learn and consider...
List of NonProfit Organizations by Alphabetical Order
We're compiling a list of nonprofit organizations and an overview of their services as a free service to charities and those they serve.
Free Nonprofit Advertising for Budget Wise Non Profit Organizations
Nonprofit Advertising Ideas for Charitable Organizations and free ad space on our NPO website. Plus... Subscribe to our FREE Non Profit Newsletter and we'll create a free flyer for your next Event.
Non Profit Fundraising Ideas
Charitable organizations are suffering from donation shortages this year. We have a fundraising for non profits solution that's one of the BEST Non Profit Fundraising Ideas you'll find anywhere.
Non Profit Funding Idea for Individuals and Charities
A Unique Non Profit Funding "Non Traditional" Solution for Charitable organizations feeling the effects of today's encomonic crunch.
Be Prepared with an Emergency Food Supply
If you don't have an emergency food supply, you're in living in denial. Protect your family now.
Free Non Profit Newsletter for Charitible Organizations
Our Non Profit Newsletter offers support, website building tips, networking, advertising, , list building help, and fundraising ideas. Plus... Encouraging affirmations, quips and quotes.
Contact Us - Roger and Linda Pepin from Niagara Falls Canada
Need Help? Non profit organizations and website visitors... Please use our Contact Us form with your questions. Thank you...Linda and Roger Pepin.
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Website Disclaimer
Help for Non Profit Content Dislaimer Notice
Christian Funding for Individuals and Churches
Christian Funding for Pastors, Missionaries, youth group, and other Christian Ministries. Unique fundraiser for any non profit organization.
Free Charity and Non Profit Directory
Get your Charity listed in our Non Profit Directory absolutely FREE. Let our visitors know all about your non profit and how you can help them. Great networking spot.
Grants for Non Profits from Governments, Foundations, Corporations, and Trusts
There are many things you must realize before considering applying for any of the grants for non profits that are available.
How to Set Up A Non Profit Incorporation
A non profit <b>incorporation</b> is an organization whose aim is not to make a profit but when it does it is used to further the goals of the corporation.
Cancer Funding Idea
Cancer Funding Solution for Individuals and Non Profit Organizations. Learn how you and your family or charity can easily generate income for your needy cause.
The EYSO - Eudora Youth Service Organization
The EYSO serves as a support group for all Eudora youth groups, such as the Brownies, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorers and 4-H Clubs. Check out our Youth Funding Idea.
Fundraising for Diabetes Research and Personal Medical Expenses
Scouting for Fundraising for Diabetes Ideas? Consider our "Unusual" NPO Funding Solution. Generate income to help with your loved ones medical expenses and the National Diabetes Association...
Information about Maoz Israel Ministries and Non Profit Fundraising Idea
Maoz Israel Ministries (in Israel) Aids the Persecuted, the Poor, and the Needy
The National Alzheimers Association is my Non Profit of Choice
Learn to raise funds for the National Alzheimers Association or other non profit. My mom died from Alzheimers disease. It changed my life forever. Read my story...
St. Jude's Children's Hospital Fundraising Idea and Leukemia Information
Raise funds for St. Jude's Childrens Hospital or any non profit organization that is close to your heart. Our company can help your charity raise funds for a worthy cause.
Best Free Online Fundraiser - Be Generating Funds Today!
Easy Yet Effective Online Fundraiser for Non Profit Organizations, Churches, and Schools. Our online fundraising products are items everyone uses on a daily basis.
Contribute to Non Profit Organizations
Would you like to share your knowledge about non profit organizations? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.
Contribute to Non Profit Organizations1
Would you like to share your knowledge about non profit organizations? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.


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